Sunday, July 13, 2008

m5602 and libv4l

As noted in the last post I've been playing with the user-space libv4l library.
I've now reached some success which led me to remove a lot of complexity in the driver.

All post-processing is gone (color recovery, frame resizing) this also avoids some buffer memcopies which significally speeds up the driver. Color is much better and I've even got skype running with it.
Downsides are that it for is rather complicated to set up. You need to download the library and compile it, then either modify your LD paths to load the libraries or install them and play with /etc/

I aim to soon publish this new driver together with instructions on how to properly install the driver as I really think this is the right direction to go.
Now we only need to fixup the s5k83a, s5k4aa mess and the mt9v111 sensor and we're ready to send this driver upstream.


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