Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New sensor branch for the m5602

I've just created a new branch for the micron mt9v111 sensor.
It's based on some usb dumps sent to me and as I have no way of verifying if it really works some major breakage is probably ahead.

The work is still going to be easier than the s5k83a as there are datasheets available...


Blogger Andrea said...

hi, thanks for your efforts. I have an MSI ex700 with m5602 and I am willing to try and test your sf drivers, although I don't have any clues where to start.
Will you post some basic info or a mini howto ?
I don't know precisely where to start, and when I try to checkout the svn I receive a weird error, wich I tried to google and found nothing I could put in practice:
svn: request PROPFIND failed on '/m560x'
svn: PROPFIND '/m560x': 302 Found (

2:01 PM  
Blogger Erik Andrén said...

Hi Andrea,
Check out:

11:41 PM  

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