Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SyncML, Nokia N73 and Evolution

Getting synchronization with your phone and evolution in Linux is pure hell and unimaginable non-user friendly. I would rather push a rusty nail through my tongue then to guide someone by phone through this mess. Anyway.

Install opensync, follow any other guide out there on how to do it.
Create a sync group with two members: syncml-obex-client and evo2-sync
multisync-gui is a friend here.

Configure your syncml-obex-client to use the following profile:

Edit the evo2-sync by hand by issuing the following command:
msynctool --configure "Name of your defined sync group" 2 <-- If you get your syncml-obex-client configuration, change to 1. This depends on in what order you added the plugins in the group.

Note that this will sync against your local calendar. Sorry about the images, blogger gave me a hard time.