Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Howto: Sony Ericsson K610 bluetooth synchronization against Kdepim

The following howto explains how to setup a working bluetooth synchronization setup against the kdepim suite. There is going to be some serious compiling to achieve this, you have been warned!
You need to have a correctly configured bluetooth setup previous to this guide.
As a test checking if your ready for this guide, issue a hcitool scan in a console and the mobile phone name and address should appear.

Step 1.
Download and install Opensync. Use the following howto.
Download the svn packages and not the tarballs!
You need the multisync, opensync and the irmc and kdepim plugins.

Step 2.
Install the experimental, svn version of kitchensync via these instructions

Step 3.
Fire up kitchensync, create a new group and add two members: kdepim and the mobilephone.
Select the mobile phone icon and push the search for units-button. Your bluetooth enabled mobile phone should appear. Select it. Press ok and push the Synchronize Now-button.
The synchronization should now work properly.

Thats it!